• Photo: Oliander Taule
  • Photo: Oliander Taule
  • Photo: Oliander Taule
  • Photo: Oliander Taule
  • Photo: Oliander Taule
Cover art & design by Tine Taule


BLACK HEART is out! What a joyful bliss!

Photo: Oliander Taule


Tine Taule brings her friends, the amazing musicians HP Gundersen and Cecilie Leganger to Madam Felle this evening.Gundersen and Leganger concert at 9.30 PM
Tine Taule and her band concert at 11.PM

USF VERFTET - Concert June 23

Tine Taule joins the Norwegian edition of  THE LAST HURRAH!!

Tine Taule is the new lead singer in the Norwegian edition of the musical genius and legend Hans Petter Gundersen´s beautiful band The Last Hurrah!! As long as covid-19 is preventing the leadsinger , American Maesa Pullman to travel to Norway -Tine is proud to be a part of the Norwegian edition of this amazing band . First gig Tine has together with the band is on June 23. at Verftet, Bergen - Norwegian Folk & Country festival. Tine and HP Gundersen has been working together on a variety of projects in the past, he is also the man who introduced Tine to her husband Kai. Funfact: Tine did a demo recording one of the songs on The Last Hurrah!!´s album "Mudflowers" in HP´s studio already back in the late 90´s. 
 The Last Hurrah!! available on all streaming platforms.

Photo: Oliander Taule


New single from Tine Taule is a duet Wild At Heart  features her husband Kai Taule on vocals. 
Available on all streaming platforms
(Link below)



The album BLACK HEART is out June 4.th! Tickets for Tine Taule's celebration of the album at Ole Bull Scene in Bergen June 12.th is now available  at Ticketmaster!
Due to covid-restrictions only 100 tickets available. Book your concert tickets now. 


Great review of Midnight Serenade by Nordic Music Review!

"..it has such a classic timeless feel to it that I’ve found it impossible not to be drawn in, and she possesses a voice that is powerful yet warm and intimate too, which makes the song really easy to listen to."

Read the full review!

MIDNIGHT SERENADE - New single out now


OUT NOW : Leopards In Snow

The clubs are closed, but the heart is open!

Listen to Leopards In snow

 Tine's song "Where You Are"  in the semifinal of the International Songwriting Competition

Happy to announce that "Where You Are" made it to the semifinal of the International Songwriting Competition 2020 in the category Adult Contemprorary.Out of 26000 songs in different genres from all over the world , only 9% make it to the semifinals. 
Judges include some of Tine's favorite artists, such as Coldplay, Tom Waits and soul singer Irma Thomas.

Where You Are

WHERE YOU ARE is the second single from Tine Taule's upcoming album. 

Artwork by Tine Taule
Guitars /Bass /Backing Vocals /Programming : Kai Taule

Drums: Magne Trengereid
Mix: Daniel Hauge /Lydetaten
Master: Björn Engelmann /Cutting Room
Recorded and engineered in Piper Studio by Tine Taule & Kai Taule
(C) 2020 Piper Recordings

Say The Word 
Music/Lyrics / Keys / Vocals /Arrangement/Production /Artwork by Tine Taule
Guitars, bass, backing vocals, programming : Kai Taule

Drums: Magne Trengereid
Lapsteel guitar: Bjarte Aasmul
Violin: Rushana Brandanger
Mix: Daniel Hauge /Lydetaten
Master: Björn Engelmann /Cutting Room
Recorded and engineered in Piper Studio by Tine Taule & Kai Taule
(C) 2020 Piper Recordings

Available wherever you stream your favorite music.

Music video "Say The Word"

Tine is directing and editing her very first music video, inspired by the style of Tine's all time favorite period , La Belle Èpoque.


Tine Taule is a Norwegian singer, based in Bergen ( she lives out on the countryside with her family) . She's been a professional singer since the age of 12 and has performed on a countless numbers of venues , festivals ( Norwegian Wood, Moldejazz, Nattjazz, By:Larm etc) for more than three decades.
She has also worked as a backup singer for several Norwegian artists both on stage and on more than 40 album recordings.Her debutalbum "Interior" was released in 1998 under the artist name Splean (2.nd album called "Sibyl Sheen")
Tine Taule has also worked as an actress in plays and short movies. 
Autumn 2017 Tine Taule's critically acclaimed show "Confessions of a singer" (a show based on stories of Tine's life and work as a singer ) was staged in Bergen at the venue Lille Ole Bull Scene. 

During lockdown Tine Taule has recorded the album "Black Heart". Coming 2021.
All of Tine Taule's music is released on her own label /record company, Piper Recordings.

Confessions of a singer 

Norwegian reviews of  Tine Taule's show , based on her life as a singer and musician, "Confessions of a singer":
5/6 - Bergens Tidende (19/10-2017)

5/6 Bergensavisen ( 19/ 10- 2017) https://www.ba.no/pulsen/kultur/show/tine-taules-festforestilling/r/5-8-673330

Tine & Kai Taule 

Vocals and guitar.
Lo-Fi explosion of love. 


Here comes the rain again Live recording from Tine Taule's show "Confessions of a singer"

Wayfaring stranger Tine Taule singing with Oslo Gospel Choir

Be my lover Live at Madam Felle 2015

Concert / Bod 24 / Bergen / June 2019  Photos: Tove Lise Mossestad


Dark Side Of The Wall , The Nordic Floyd Show -  Bergen / Grieghallen Feb. 2019 Photo: Jarle Hovda Moe 

Dark Side Of The Wall Grieghallen , Feb 2019
Dark Side Of The Wall Grieghallen , Feb 2019

DARK SIDE OF THE WALL / Concert / Wrightegaarden , July 2019  Photos: Kai Hansen


Tine & Kai Taule / Dark Side Of The Wall Photo: Oliander Taule
Tine & Kai Taule Photo: Oliander Taule

Tine & Kai Taule

Partners in crime: For love and music. Norwegian newspaper article

Tine and Kai Taule Photo: Jarle Hovda Moe