T I N E   T A U L E

Norwegian artist

THE ONLY ONES - New single out now

Written, arranged and produced by Tine Taule Artwork: T.T

Where You Are

WHERE YOU ARE is the second single from Tine Taule's upcoming album. Written, arranged and produced by Tine Taule.
Artwork / painting by Tine.

Say The Word 

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Tine Taule is currently working on her new album , first single will be released June 19 ! Tine has written, arranged , produced and made the artwork for the song. 

Music video "Say The Word"

Tine is directing and editing her very first music video, inspired by the style of Tine's all time favorite period , La Belle Èpoque.


Tine Taule is a Norwegian singer, based in Bergen ( she lives out on the countryside with her family) . She's been a professional singer since the age of 12 and has performed on a countless numbers of venues , festivals ( Norwegian Wood, Moldejazz, Nattjazz, By:Larm etc) for more than three decades.
She has also worked as a backup singer for several Norwegian artists both on stage and on more than 40 album recordings.Her debutalbum "Interior" was released in 1998 under the artist name Splean (2.nd album called "Sibyl Sheen")
Tine Taule has also worked as an actress in plays and short movies. 
Autumn 2017 Tine Taule's critically acclaimed show "Confessions of a singer" (a show based on stories of Tine's life and work as a singer ) was staged in Bergen at the venue Lille Ole Bull Scene. 

Over the last three years she has been writing and recorded a lot of new music in her studio.
All of Tine Taule's music is released on her own label /record company, Piper Recordings.
Say The Word  is the first single from her upcoming new album Black Heart .

Confessions of a singer 

Norwegian reviews of  Tine Taule's show , based on her life as a singer and musician, "Confessions of a singer":
5/6 - Bergens Tidende (19/10-2017)

5/6 Bergensavisen ( 19/ 10- 2017) https://www.ba.no/pulsen/kultur/show/tine-taules-festforestilling/r/5-8-673330

Photo: Ingolf Hjetland

Prince Tribute

A wonderful weekend dedicated to Prince! Live at Madam Felle/ Bergen.

Tine & Kai Taule 

Vocals and guitar.
Lo-Fi explosion of love. 


Here comes the rain again Live recording from Tine Taule's show "Confessions of a singer"

Wayfaring stranger Tine Taule singing with Oslo Gospel Choir

Be my lover Live at Madam Felle 2015

Tine Taule, Kai Taule & Christian Øvreaas Photo: Tove Lise Mossestad

Photos: Jarle Hovda Moe

Tine Taule, Kai Taule & Christian Øvreaas Concert March 2019 / Madam Felle / Bergen

Tine Taule, Kai Taule & Christian Øvreaas Concert March 2019 / Madam Felle / Bergen

Tine Taule, Kai Taule & Christian Øvreaas Concert March 2019 / Madam Felle / Bergen

Tine Taule, Kai Taule & Christian Øvreaas Photo: Oliander Taule

Underlig, Bergen May 31.2019

Concert / Bod 24 / Bergen / June 2019  Photos: Tove Lise Mossestad


Dark Side Of The Wall , The Nordic Floyd Show -  Bergen / Grieghallen Feb. 2019 Photo: Jarle Hovda Moe 

Dark Side Of The Wall Grieghallen , Feb 2019
Dark Side Of The Wall Grieghallen , Feb 2019

DARK SIDE OF THE WALL / Concert / Wrightegaarden , July 2019  Photos: Kai Hansen


Tine & Kai Taule / Dark Side Of The Wall Photo: Oliander Taule
Tine & Kai Taule Photo: Oliander Taule

Tine & Kai Taule

Partners in crime: For love and music. Norwegian newspaper article

Tine and Kai Taule Photo: Jarle Hovda Moe


The Flying Dancing Kings / Grand , 2018 Photo & Sound : Paul Inge Vikingstad
The Flying Dancing Kings / Grieghallen 2018 Photo: Ole Kristian Olsen

The Flying Dancing Kings


The Flying Dancing Kings in the Maldives 

The Flying Dancing Kings was the lucky ones to play at different venues in the Maldives at the Kuredu Island Resort and one gig at Komandoo Island Resort - for the X-mas and New Years holiday festive season, December 2020. They brought their families and friends with them to join this once in a lifetime adventure . It was simply unreal!  Amazing scenery , the most stunning sunsets, clean waters, amazing food and good vibes only - like in a dream! Scenery pictures taken by Tine Taule.